"Both lead actresses are well-cast and deliver strong performances in this dialogue-driven piece.  Bolovan’s Brennan is a streetwise libertine."


Review by Marissa Ker

"Melanie Bolovan is also captivating in the solo piece Outskirts by Kate Fester..."


Review by Claire Harding

"...it becomes Melanie Bolovan’s show, not just narratively but through her blistering performance within the physically demanding role."

A Clockwork Orange

Review by Meredith Walker

"The large cast have also introduced a groundbreaking twist with an alternating cast of male and female actors in the principal roles of Alex Delarge (Kenji Shimada/Melanie Bolovan)..."

A Clockwork Orange

Review by Gemma Regan

"Most importantly, standing out from a good cast, is an outstanding performance by Melanie Bolovan. She steals the show and carries the play simply by being on stage."

Wogs In Love

Review by Roy Chambers

"It’s a story that’s all too common across the world, and in particular in multicultural Australia..."

"The themes in the play – racism, assimilation, arranged marriage – are all still relevant today..."

Wogs In Love

Review by Kiesten McCauley

"With Backing Vocals provided by Louella Kate Baldwin, Melanie Bolovan, Drew Buchanan, Hannah Crowther, Conor Ensor, Ellie Gale, Kurtis Laing, Kemii Maguire, Lauren McNamara, Susie Plant, Alex Smith and Xander Sullivan"


Your Man Alex Smith

"My standout performance by far was Olive Ostrovsky (played wonderfully by Melanie Bolovan)."

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Review by Hannah O'Brian

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